Crafty Chat Episode 13: Danielle Walls

In today’s episode, guest host Debby Hughes joins Kristina Werner and Lydia Fiedler for a conversation with Danielle Walls, owner of Neat & Tangled, about the impact of technology on the crafty world.

Here are links to the apps we discussed during this chat, for Iphone and Android where available:

Social Media apps:

Photography / Video apps:

Productivity /Organizational apps:

Just for fun apps:


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  1. for me it was magazines…..Rubberstamper was my favorite and I have them all. I would peruse it for hours each month. Being in this craft for 25 plus years I couldn’t get supplies unless I mailed away for it. Ben Franklin crafts then opened in my town and that was so eye opening and wallet opening. Love Audible books, listening to Outlander. Love games as well. Pokeman Go….. grandson made me… apps thanks for the info. Great video guys…… very informative…loved it. thank you

  2. Eek! I was so excited to see my tag (the blue one ;) as a repost from IG!! Love these Crafty Chats and all the work you girls put into creating them and OCC!

  3. I just scrubbed my bathroom, ceiling and all whilst listening this chat! Certainly made the task so much more do-able and dare I say enjoyable?? I admire you all so much and can’t thank you enough OCC for these great escapes! With love from one of your biggest fans!

  4. I just came upon this chat. Thank you so much I am neww to blogging and have a business I want to get off the ground. Danielle saying her husband made the suggestion hits home. I can’t wait to get all the information this site offers.I have been a crafter for 10 years
    Thank you so much!

  5. Lydia, I am listening to the episode now and you said you use an app to record HD audio. It’s not linked here and I don’t come up with anything when I search for it. Mind sharing a link so I can check it out? :-) Thanks for this video! Very informative and I love Danielle and Neat & Tangled!!

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