Crafty Chat Episode 20: Holiday Crafting

In today’s episode we are doing true confessions about what we do in the way of crafting our way through the holidays.

This episode includes an awesome cameo from Lila McGuire, and features:

Jennifer McGuire

Kristina Werner

Lydia Fiedler

Here are the things we talked about during the episode:


Emily Call Illustration

MMM Crafts

Benzie Design

Lydia’s video on creating labels from a Gmail Christmas group

Wisconsin Butterkasse cheese

Williams Sonoma Pot Pies

Recipe for “funeral potatoes”

Sweet potato puff recipe

Kristina’s Reinbeer blog post

Costco Photo Printing

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  1. Holy crow! A little late to the party but, Monsters in Austin? Thats it! How can i visit my daughter ever again? lol!

  2. So pleased I discovered you . I’m in the middle of crafting 200 cards to raise funds for a charity fair I’m doing in November … I
    I should confess that as of today I’ve managed 3 !

  3. I love taking on line classes. I love that you can stop and start the videos and go back if there’s something that you are interested in.

  4. I have choosen to log in and the computer keeps telling me I have an error. And my password is wrong. How can that be if I have my own password.

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