Crafty Chat Episode 3: Keeping It Simple With Julie Ebersole

Today’s Crafty Chat is all about keeping it simple, which is why our guest is the Queen of Clean – Julie Ebersole. Julie blames her card-making addiction on her cousin, who introduced her to it more than 20 years ago. Since then Julie has done it all, and is a stamp and die designer as well as an educator at Ellen Hutson. Julie is also an Online Card Classes contributor, and blogs at Paper Trufflez.

Even though her style is clean and simple (CAS), keeping things simple isn’t always easy for card designers, and Julie reveals some of her tips, tools and techniques for making the most of clean designs.


  • Lydia Fiedler
  • Kristina Werner
  • Jennifer McGuire
  • Julie Ebersole

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  1. What a great concept “visual vocabulary” is! I’ll be more aware of expanding that kind of vocabulary. Also the talk about where to start when making a card (colors, sketch, images) was inspiring too.

  2. I have just loved these chats. What a bonus to Online Card Classes. I have enjoyed each one so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving of yourselves to what I am certain is a very big audience.

  3. Really love this series. What a great way to get to know the inspiration, tops tips and styles of so many great crafters.

  4. I do love these chats and I love Julie and her cackle – if I’m having a bad day I play one of her videos just so her laugh can cheer me up!

  5. So loving all these chats girls and not only are they inspiring but they are educational!

    And Julie, your laugh is your light and it brightens everybody’s day! Never lose that girl!

    Thanks so much ladies!

  6. Doing a mass catch up on all the chat videos and really enjoying them all! Thank you so much to all the guests and of course Jennifer, Kristina and Lydia

  7. Oh how I love these chats. I have no idea how I missed that these were available but now I am just holding up my index finger and saying, “in a minute” to my husband. So when I said.. this is Julie Ebersole my husband said… the one with the awesome laugh? LOL!!! I love that he listens even when he is pretending to watch college football. LOL!!!! Thanks… these are great!

  8. Loved this video. It is so much fun to see the interaction between these talented people. Awesome laugh Julie….don’t stop. I did not know about these videos until reading a blog of Jennifer’s. NOW I’M A CONVERT. Thanks

  9. I always love to hear Julie’s laugh in the Hello Monday videos. It was great to see the face and learn more about the person that goes with that laugh.

  10. These chats are so fun and fascinating and I’m having a great time looking at them all. I’ve just discovered them and it’s my treat for the day to look at one. It reminds me of taking an online card class.

  11. I’m so grateful for these chats. I started following Jennifer last fall and then she had Kristina guest for her. Well, it snowballed from there. I loved to scrapbook, but when I saw the cards, well, the rest is history! I have been taking some of the classes and learning so much from watching your YouTube videos and following your blogs. I admire all of you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. I feel like you all are in my kitchen having a cup of coffee with me while we talk crafts….I love the craft chat….

  13. Julie is so delightful to listen to! Her chuckle is infectious! And I don’t feel comfortable with sketches either. For some reason I feel suffocated by them. Thank you ladies for a good time! It’s almost like we are altogether!!!

  14. I’m new to card making, I’m a Painter that adores paper and cards
    Very interesting to hear your use of the same principles of visual vocabulary, visual triangle and stop,,,
    The most i origami to step back. I might get this art form yet

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