Crafty Chat Episode 9: The Concord & 9th Story

In today’s chat, we are speaking with Greg & Angie, the owners of Concord & 9th, about what it’s like to be a new stamp company, and entering the papercrafting community as a small business.

The people on today’s chat are:

Angie Backman
Greg Cottrell
Lydia Fiedler
Jennifer McGuire
Kristina Werner



Some of the things we discussed today are:

Concord & 9th
Take a Bough Die (will return to the store soon)
Being Classy Bundle
3mm Sequins
Hugs Bundle
Pop Art Pineapple Bundle
You’ve Got This

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  1. This is the best! Greg and Angie are so amazing! They did take a day from their crazy busy schedule to have lunch with me and my husband. It was so much fun to meet these two and hear their story. I hope we’re friends forever. Thanks to Lydia, Jennifer, Kristina and Greg and Angie for posting this and taking the time to make chat! Concord & 9th is the best most innovative stamp company! I love you guys and your amazing products!


    Hallmark Scrapbook & Crafts

  2. I’ve loved these episodes and have a wonderful time listening to them! This one was especially fun :)
    Two quick comments– “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my favorite movies of all time! I could play the scene Kristina was describing in my mind as she spoke!
    I also love that you made the Concord & 9th episode the ninth episode :) (esp. after hearing about how their release day is the 9th of each month) Was that intentional?

  3. Really enjoyed this video and getting to know Angie and Greg, their courage to step out on their own, their partnership and how they combine their skills. Obviously this was before the Turnabout line, which I love. I’m really happy for their success.

  4. This is so much fun!!! I love getting to meet them and see their operation! Smiling:) Bet they’re really big now! I just KNEW somebody had to be an engineer. And Kristina is 5’9″? No wonder her fingers are so long and pretty in her videos!

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